Squirting Lesson for couples

In a pleasant atmosphere we offer you the opportunity to learn the technique of “squirting”, taught by Liam.
We would like to pass on our many years of experience so that you can share this experience with your partner. Squirting is described as an incredibly good and liberating feeling. Beside the woman’s orgasm, it is a similar feeling that many women describe as a “must have” since they experienced it once.


The procedure:

In a short preliminary talk with Liam (10 min) and a welcome drink you will be introduced to the topic with little theory. Then it will already be put into practice.

The demonstration (35 min) is similar to a massage, with squirting being the main focus. So that your partner can drop and relax while Liam is demonstrating squirting, there is no talking during this time.

To reduce the senses to feeling in the best possible way, we offer you a blindfold, which you can of course also omit.

In a follow-up discussion (15 min) everything is explained in detail. There is also room for your questions.
The last part is a kind of workshop (30 min), in which the man implements what he has learned and tries it out for himself.

Of course it is a learning process, like everything else. Relaxation and “chemistry” between the people are the first priority here. The technoque is a necessary tool, but it is only part of a whole.

If you are interested in a workshop series together with your partner in order to optimise the technique of squirting, we also have corresponding offers for you.

For arranging appointments by phone please call +43 676/9473282 or by email please write to [email protected]!


Hour & Price for the Pampering Programme – 90min/ 400€