Erotic Couple Massage in the south of Vienna

Erotic Couple Massage at Studio Shakti Vienna

In the four-way version, two masseuses/ masseurs massage you simultaneously. Thus, you can wonderfully relax, while at the same time enjoy the pleasure of giving in to the sensual hands of the masseuses/ masseurs ­ in the same or in separate rooms. Of course, your partner may select a masseuse/ masseur from our team of his own choice.

In the three-way version, a masseuse/ masseur will pamper you one after the other. While your partner is being massaged, either you can let yourself be inspired by watching or take part in the massage yours. Thus, your partner experiences the pleasure of a sensual four-hand massage, while you have the opportunity to receive fresh stimulus for your personal love life under guidance from the masseuse/ masseur.

It is important that you feel comfortable and respected any time during the massage. That is why we let you decide how you want the massage to be rounded off. As long as you both agree, it may well be a sensual intimate massage. However, if this causes some discomfort, you both may decide to do without it, and pass some time together instead.

Pampering time and prices – four-way version (the prices apply for 2 masseuses/ masseurs)

60min 280€
90min 420€
120min 560€

Pampering time and prices – three-way version

60min 220€
90min 280€
120min 350€

Renting a Massage Room

Would you like to enjoy some private sphere with your beloved after the massage? Here you have the opportunity to rent the massage room beyond the time of the massage.

30min 40€
45min 60€
60min 80€